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.......preserving our commercial road transport history for the education and enjoyment of present and future generations..........

To become a Member please click on the application form (in Word or PDF format) and send your cheque, payable to WHOTT, to our Members' Secretary at:

7 Temeraire Road, Plymouth PL5 3UA

Our year starts in February, so no matter what month you become a Member, you will be entitled to copies of WHOTTs NEWS from that date. Copies of earlier issues can also be obtained from our shop or at events.

WHOTT is supported by several hundred Members who, like you, share in the vision to create a museum of excellence devoted to the history of commercial road transport throughout the region. Already many of our Members have shown their support in a number of ways, freely applying their skills by contributing time and energy to the various events and activities performed by the Trust. It provides a number of opportunities to become involved, including the restoration of vehicles, managing an important archive collection, writing articles for our magazine, and marshalling duties at rallies and organising trips. Production of WHOTTs NEWS and the management of this website are also performed by Members.

At present two of our main activities, that of vehicle restoration and archive cataloguing, are situated some sixty miles apart. We are rigorously working towards finding a suitable site where all our functions can be combined as one in a location offering good access for the public and where more educational opportunities can be developed. To enable these things to take place WHOTT has attracted the keen support of many Members who come from varied and diverse backgrounds. Quite a number actually reside outside the region, or even overseas, but all have a common interest in the West Country. Between them they possess valuable skills, knowledge and experience and many give generously of their time and enthusiasm. The Trustees regard their contribution as being significantly important to sustain WHOTT’s development into the future and to create a museum that is deserving of the region.

Through WHOTT several Members have re-established contact after many years and have enjoyed meeting other like-minded people. Some have even been former employees in the transport industry. However, WHOTT is not intended to be an “old boys” association, and welcomes people of any age or gender. There is no prerequisite other than to  subscribe a minimum of £30 per year, in return for which you will receive four copies of our house magazine WHOTTs NEWS. You will also have the opportunity to meet like-minded people and no matter how far away they may live, feel part of the extended WHOTT family of  Members brought together through the pages of our newsletter and other activities and events. Being a registered charity enables WHOTT to benefit further from the Gift Aid scheme. This means that whatever amount is subscribed, the Trust can claim back from the Chancellor a further amount of money (usually 25%) that can be added at no cost to the donor. 


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