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Running Day

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.......preserving our commercial road transport history for the education and enjoyment of present and future generations..........
  WHOTT will be holding its 3rd running day in Dorchester on Sunday 13th August 2017 from 10am to 4pm.

We are pleased to announce that following a very successful Bere Regis & District running day at Dorchester in 2016, WHOTT will return there in 2017. Further details appear on the entry form [word] [pdf] and will be appearing in enthusiast publications and rally diaries leading up to the event. Due to limited space, this event will be mainly a running day but we can accept a small number of static exhibits if booked in advance. Please indicate on your entry whether you are willing to run in service, if so for how long, and whether you need a local conductor to show you the routes. Advanced enquiries for bookings can be made any time by contacting us at rally@busmuseum.org.uk.

The event will be run in accordance with NARTM’s guidance notes on the operation of free bus services (revision 3 dated May 2013) and anyone not already familiar with this should contact WHOTT before completing the application. It would be particularly good to see entries that represent vehicles once owned by the independent operators, of which there were many in the southwest, although we welcome all types of vehicle and from all areas. WHOTT will enter its 1938 Bedford WTB, formerly operated by Taylor’s of Exeter, restoration of which is currently nearing completion.

With your participation we look forward to making the event even more enjoyable.

Many thanks,
Robert Crawley,
Chairman, WHOTT

Free Feeder Bus Times

Click here for details of free feeder buses

The following vehicles are booked to attend 2017 running day.


No Reg No Make Original Owner/Operator Entered by
A1 TDV 217J Leyland Panther PSUR1B/1R Exeter City Transport 217 WHOTT
A2 VDV 137S Bristol VRT/SL3/6LXB Devon General 937 WHOTT
A3 A927 MDV Ford Transit D160 Devon General 7 WHOTT
A4 L929 CTT Iveco F59-12 Devon General 1000 WHOTT
A5 MSJ 499 Leyland Atlantean Devon General Jonathan Hawkins
A6 H262 MFX Dennis Dominator Bournemouth Jonathan Hawkins
A7 ORU 230G Leyland Atlantean Bournemouth Jonathan Hawkins
A8 YDL 315 Bristol FS6G Southern Vectis Nigel Harris on behalf of Derek Priddle
A9 BFX 570T Bristol VRT Hants & Dorset 3402 John Cumming
A10 JFJ 873 Daimler CVD6 Exeter 73 Steve Morris/Peter Snowden
A11 LR02 LZB ADL Trident First  Wessex 33182 Ricki Frost
A12 TDL 563K Bristol RELL Southern Vectis 863 Isle of Wight Bus Museum
A13 KRU 224F Bristol FLF6B Hants & Dorset 1557 Dekkabus
A14 F5 ELF Leyland Olympian China Light & Power Dekkabus
A15 THU 354G Bristol RESL6L Bristol Omnibus 508 Mike Walker
A16 DAE 511K Bristol RELL6L Bristol Omnibus 1257 Denis Strange
A17 LFJ 844W Bristol VRT Western National 1200 Luke Farley
A18 GEL 686V Bristol VRT Damory 5070 Jamie Burrows (for 5070 Group)
A19 LYF 104 Leyland RTL London Transport Peter Cousens
A20 ATA 559L Bristol VR Devon General 559 Graham Thorogood
A21 G727 XDL Leyland Olympian Damory 4727 Jamie Burrows
A22 L129 ELJ Optare Spectra Wilts & Dorset 3129 George Cooper


No Reg No Make Original Owner/Operator Entered by
B1 EFJ 92 Bedford WTB Taylor's of Exeter WHOTT
B2 OTT 98 Bristol LS6G Royal Blue 1299 John Grigg (for WHOTT)
B3 AFJ 727T Bristol LH6L Western National 3307 WHOTT
B4 CLJ 413Y Bristol LHS6L Bere Regis & District Stuart Shelton
B5 CFK 340 AEC Regal III Burnham of Worcester Roger Burdett
B7 KPW 986 Bedford OB Eagle Coaches, Castle Arce Mark Withers
B8 WUG 127S Leyland Leopard Wallace Arnold Lincoln Waldie
B9 WDK 562T AEC Reliance Yelloways Stuart Andrews


No Reg No Make Original Owner/Operator Entered by
C1 FOW 486 Austin K4 Eldridge Pope & Co Len Watts
C2 KGV 659F Morris 1/2 Ton Van Rodgers Toy Shop John Dancy


No Reg No Make Original Owner/Operator Entered by



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