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Running Day

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.......preserving our commercial road transport history for the education and enjoyment of present and future generations..........
  WHOTT held its 17th rally on Sunday 11th August 2019, the 5th in Dorchester.

We are very grateful to Go South Coast subsidiary Damory for sponsoring the event and displaying one of its own vehicles, and to West Dorset District Council for allowing us space in the Top o' Town car park for the static vehicles and layover of buses between services, and for enabling us to run a stall by special licence. The public car park was still operational for other visiting coaches and the general public, and benefitted from an on-site cafe and toilets open all day. Illustrated reports will appear in the local press and enthusiast publications.

The weather was warm and dry and contributed to an increased number of visitors with most of the 76 departures running full. A fully illustrated souvenir programme provided a guide to each route, as well as timetables and details of vehicles attending, and a few copies of the programme remain for those who would could not attend. Our bookstall was busy all day and especially popular were our recent new books, The Premises and Facilities of Western National and Southern National Parts One and Two written by our chairman Robert Crawley, and Where Did They Run? by member Geoff Hobbs. Details of how to order these are given on our shop page.

The Trustees are extremely grateful to the Mayor & Mayoress for their time and interest, and for the time and effort freely given by volunteers to make the rally a success. Many thanks to everyone who made the day run smoothly and we hope that you will be able to support us again in 2020.

Press Release: A Family Day out at Dorchester for another Vintage Bus Running

Robert Crawley, Chairman.

The following vehicles were booked to attend the 2019 running day


No Reg No Make Bodywork Original Owner/Operator
A1 TDV 217J Leyland Panther PSUR1B/1R Marshall B3000 B47D now mobile exhibition Exeter City Transport 217
A2 VDV 137S Bristol VRT/SL3/6LXB ECW CO43/31F Devon General 937
A4 DAE 511K Bristol RELL6L ECW B50F Bristol Omnibus C1257
A5 6167 RU Leyland PD3 Weymann H39/30F Bournemouth 167
A6 MSJ 499 (925 GTA) Leyland Atlantean Metro-Cammell CO44/31F Devon General DL925
A7 GEL 686V Bristol VRT/SL3/6LXB ECW H43/31F Damory 5070
A8 F5 HOR DAF DB250LF East Lancs Dekkabus
A9 ATA 559L Bristol VRT//SL6G ECW O43/32F Western National 559
A10 KDL 203W Bristol LHS6L ECW DP31F Southern Vectis 203
A11 V735 FAE Dennis Dart Alexander B35F First Bristol  1735
A12 YN04 GLV Scania NU94D Omnideckker H43/26F First Hants & Dorset 36005
A13 D22 PVS Freight Rover Sherpa Dormobile B16F Luton & District (Birkenhead Transport)
A14 BFX 666T Bristol VRT/SL3/6LXB ECW  H43/31F Go Southcoast Ltd 4413
A15 BF63 HDV Volvo B9TL Wright Gemini Eclipse CH39/26F First Hants & Dorset 37997
A16 ROD 765 AEC Regent V MD3RV  Metro Cammell H33/26RD Devon General DRD765


No Reg No Make Bodywork Original Owner/Operator
B1 EFJ 92 Bedford WTB

Heaver C25F

Taylor's of Exeter
B2 OTT 98 Bristol LS6G ECW C39F Royal Blue 1299
B3 AFJ 727T Bristol LH6L Plaxton Supreme IV Express 7'6" C43F Western National 3307
B5 675 OCV Bedford SB5 Duple C41F Crimson Tours
B6 RPR 738K Bedford VAL70 Plaxton C53F Rendell
B7 MRL 765 Austin K5 Tiverton Coachworks C14F Davey Coaches
B8 617 DDV Bristol MW6G ECW C39F Southern National 2250
B9 VBT 191 AEC Reliance MU3RV Yeates C41F Fowler, Holbeach Drove
B10 CVR 12V Volvo B58-61 Plaxton Supreme C50F Kenzie, Shepreth


No Reg No Make Bodywork Original Owner/Operator
C1 RRU 49R Bedford TK HCB Angus Dorset Fire Engine
C2 KGV 659F Morris 1/2 Ton Van Integral Rogers Toys & Model Shop, Bury St Edmunds
C3 FOW 486 Austin K4 Series-1 4-ton 3-plank dropside dray Eldridge Pope, Dorchester

Classic Cars

No Reg No Make Original Owner/Operator
D1 KEL 122 Mobility Scooter Bournemouth trolleybus replica


(C) J Roberts

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