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.......preserving our commercial road transport history for the education and enjoyment of present and future generations..........
  WHOTT RALLY 2006  
  The following vehicles attended the 2006 rally at Westpoint.

Buses & Coaches

PWS 492S NMW 329X C526 FFJ H262 MFX 643 HAA UO 1477
Badgerline 2098 Barnes Bayline 526 Bournemouth 262 Cooke Dagworth
645 CJD 702 LPK 8515 CD OXK 373 A927 MDV KTT 42P
C J Down C J Down C J Down C J Down Devon General 7 Devon General 112
OD 7500 507 RUO CTT 513C 931 GTA VDV 137S VDV 817
Devon General DR213 Devon General 507 Devon General 513 Devon General DL931 Devon General 937 Devon General DR817
XTA 839 L929 CTT LFJ 862W A686 KDV FDV 829V XUO 721
Devon General SN839 Devon General 1000 Devon General 1215 Devon General 1814 Devon General 2883 Devon General 2902
FFX 458 TDV 217J WJ55 CSF LFJ 844W LFJ 847W LFJ 873W
Dorset County Council Exeter 217 First Devon & Cornwall 32763 First Devon & Cornwall 38844 First Devon & Cornwall 38847 First Devon & Cornwall 38873
JJD 374D KEL 405 100 VRL CSU 938 CYD 724C CCG 704C
First Devon & Cornwall 39374 Hants & Dorset 677 Hawkeys Tours Hookways Hutchings & Cornelius King Alfred
DBC 190C 497 CLT LYF 104 KHA 301 PHA 505G AFH 186T
Leicester City Transport 190 London Transport RMC1497 London Transport RTL1163 Midland Red 301 Midland Red 5905 National Travel 186
MCO 658 YN05 GXV KDD 38 338 EDV LTA 958 759 MDV
Plymouth 358 Reading 1018 Soudley Valley Southern National 624 Southern National 1324 Southern National 1410
LTA 906 OTA 632G A620 ATV OTA 640G C407 VVN UWW 3X
Southern National 1430 Southern National 1460 Southern National 2220 Southern National 2380 Sureline Stagecoach Devon 14281
Stagecoach Devon 14943 Stagecoach Devon 15325 Stagecoach Devon 15329 Stagecoach Devon 18304 Stagecoach Devon 18307 Stagecoach Devon 18368
Stagecoach Devon 35154 Stagecoach Devon 34877 Stagecoach Devon 47108 Target Travel Target Travel Taylors
K727 UTT L932 CTT FTT 704 AFJ 764T 274 KTA LTA 729
Vista Coachways Vista Coachways Western National 353 Western National 1157 Western National 1224 Western National 1250
BDV 318L HOD 66 837 SUO FDV 803V NNC 855P  
Western National 1318 Western National 2015 Western National 2351 Western National 3547 Yelloways  

Commercial Vehicles

PGW 146 PGW 220 MYD 514 MLE 411 832 EPC D345 OTT
Aux Fire Service Aux Fire Service Bamsey, Marshall Baynards Haulage Ex British Army Brian Harris
F513 MOD DGT 616H KJT 668 373 FOD THU 332M EOD 700Y
Brian Harris Burnells Dorset Fire Service Harris & Miners R T Keedwell P W Litten
LRL 318 KFO 341 G688 YTA F585 FTA A396 OBP PFJ 850M
J F Manley & Sons Ex Royal Air Force Ex Royal Navy Frank Tucker M Way & Son Western National RV8
DOD 37 JFJ 63E KGV 659F XWO 128J B449 CGL  

Stall Holders, Traders and Societies

Abigails of Plymouth Ian Allan Arlington Collectables Bristol Vintage Bus Group Cotswold PSV Group Digger Photos
Friends of King Alfred Colin Gillard Gwent Diecast Club Warwick Hulme Industrial Chemical Supplies JB Postcards
Kelly's Rainbow Ice Cream Colin Moore Post Office Vehicle Club Michael Rooum Rex Rowe SCT Publishing
South West Water  UK Transport Wessex Transport Society      

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