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.......preserving our commercial road transport history for the education and enjoyment of present and future generations..........

  The following vehicles attended the 2007 rally at Westpoint.  

Buses & Coaches

OHY 938 OD 5489 H262 MFX PWS 492S CK54 ROU M587 KTT
Bath Tramways L8089 R Davis Bournemouth 262 Bristol Omnibus 2188 Capitol Carmel Coaches
THX 266S FDG 468L XXI 8502 1 RDV 960 HTT A927 MDV
Chase Coaches 52 Cottrells Damory Coaches 5032 Devon General (Grey Cars) 1 Devon General (Grey Cars) 960 Devon General 7
TUO 74J CTT 518C 913 DDT MSJ 499 931 GTA VDV 137S
Devon General 74 Devon General 518 Devon General 913 Devon General 925 Devon General 931 Devon General 937
L929 CTT A680 KDV A686 KDV MTT 640 OD 7500 NTT 661
Devon General 1000 Devon General 1804 Devon General 1814 Devon General DL640 Devon General DR213 Devon General DR661
FFX 458 KPW 986 86 GFJ TDV 217J GBF 78N OFV 621X
Dorset County Council Eagle Coaches Exeter 86 Exeter 217 First Devon & Cornwall 30001 Fishwick & Sons
OLG 855 EBW 112B 100 VRL CSU 938 CYD 724C 889 AAX
Foden Demonstrator Guernsey Railway Co Hawkeys Tours Hookways Hutchings & Cornelius Jones 89
CCG 704C 497 CLT PHA 505G KAD 359V AJH 854T MMR 552
King Alfred 704 London Transport RMC1497 Midland Red National Travel (SW) 359 Roselyn Coaches Silver Star 10
TPN 103S C896 GYD OTT 98 759 MDV LTA 906 LTA 772
Southdown 603 Southern National 334 Southern National 1299 Southern National 1410 Southern National 1430 Southern National 1613
HDV 624E LDV 847F HDV 626E RNE 692W UDL 454 KTT 42P
Southern National 2365 Southern National 2375 Southern National 2700 Vista Coachways West Wight Western National (DG) 112
VDV 141S AFJ 740T FTT 704 336 EDV 675 COD 338 EDV
Western National (DG) 941 Western National (DG) 3320 Western National 353 Western National 402 Western National 603 Western National 624
AFJ 764T AFJ 766T LFJ 844W LFJ 847W LFJ 855W LFJ 873W
Western National 1157 Western National 1159 Western National 1200 Western National 1203 Western National 1208 Western National 1226
BDV 318L FDV 790V 824 KDV 837 SUO FDV 803V JDV 754
Western National 1318 Western National 1560 Western National 2019 Western National 2351 Western National 3547 Woolacombe & Morthoe
NNC 855P          
Cars and Commercial Vehicles        
VG 6488 PGW 146 RXP 801 XFX 124B 680 UHY JGS 169V
Austin RP Saloon Auxiliary Fire Service Auxiliary Fire Service Auxiliary Fire Service B.O.C.M. Bournemouth
832 EPC YGL 138T RTT 389 K906 VDV KJT 668 F585 FTA
British Army Cornwall Fire Serivce Cudlipp Bros Devon General 9403 Dorset Fire Service Frank Tucker
STA 598R SYH 233 EOD 700Y HOT 42 DFP 379T KGV 659F
Frank Tucker Home Office Isca Bags Jack Rolls M Henley Haulage Morris Half Ton Van
OYC 860L 467 HOD VAE 843T PFJ 850M    
Somerset Ambulance Service Torridge Transport UBM Western National RV8    
Stall Holders, Traders and Societies        
Arlington Collectables Bristol Vintage Bus Group Cardiff Preservation Group City Sightseeing Colin & Jackie Gillard Colin Moore
Cotswold PSV Group Devon General Society First Group Enthusiasts Friends of King Alfred Kelly's Ice Cream Post Office Vehicle Club
Rex Rowe Westaway Burgers & Fries WHOTT      

Photographs of previous rallies


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