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.......preserving our commercial road transport history for the education and enjoyment of present and future generations..........
  WHOTT RALLY 2010  
  The following vehicles attended the 2010 rally at Westpoint.

Buses & Coaches

PWS 492S OHY 938 PRW 137M J858 FTC Y805 UDT 643 HAA
Badgerline 2098 Bath Tramways L8089

Bristol Omnibus 2094

Bristol Vintage Bus Group Carmel Coaches Cooke
MFM 39 A927 MDV TUO74J CTT 513C ROD 765 XTA 839
Crosville Motor Services SL71 Devon General 7 Devon General 74 Devon General 513

Devon General DR765

Devon General SN839
931 GTA VDV 137S LFJ 862W FFX 458 MSL 294 TDV 217J
Devon General 931 Devon General 937 Devon General 1215 Dorset County Council Douglas Corporation 63 Exeter City 217 
WK05 AFV S529 RWP 960 HTT RLJ 341H 100 VRL KJH 731

First Devon & Cornwall 43853

First Devon & Cornwall 52529 Grey Cars TCR960 Hants & Dorset 3016

Hawkeys Tours

KPW 986 LYF 104 YHY 592J S132 RLE CD 7104 C869 GYD
Lewis Coaches London Transport RTL1163

North Somerset Coaches

Roselyn Southdown Motor Services 174 Southern National 334
OTT 98 WA59 FWX WYP 203G C862 DYD 811 BWR DOD 518
Southern National 1299 Stagecoach Devon 24142 Surrey Motors Taunton Town Shuttle 300 West Yorkshire SMA5 Western National 333
FTT 704 275 KTA VDV 121S AFJ 764T LFJ 844W VOD 124K

Western National 353

Western National 425

Western National 1121

Western National 1157 Western National 1200 Western National 1254
BDV 318L EDV 505D OTA 632G LTA 772 AFJ 727T HIL 5389
Western National 1318

Western National 1423

Western National 1460 Western National 1613 Western National 3307 Wheal Briton Coaches
Cars and Commercial Vehicles        
  388 XUJ 832 EPC RTT 389 KJT 668 HFK 791
AEC Regal Model Coach Auxiliary Fire Service British Army Cudlipp Bros Dorset Fire Service Ford 103E car
XJH 563K KUL 343D EOD 700Y G688 YTA REK 208R MOM 916X
Ford Escort Inner London Education Authority


Ministry of Defence

LCS Transport

R D Trucking

Stall Holders, Traders and Societies        

Arlington Collectables

Bristol Vintage Bus Group

Cardiff Transport Preservation Group

Coastal Shipping

Cotswold PSV Group


P Cousens


Gwent Die Cast Club

Die-Cast Models of Bath

J.B. Photocards

"Remember When"

S.C.T. Publishing

Southdown Enthusiasts Club


Southern Miniature Models.

Rex Rowe

The Musical Bus

UK Transport

Wessex Transport Society


Photographs of previous rallies


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