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  WHOTT RALLY 2011  
  The following vehicles were booked to attend the 2011 rally at Westpoint.
Bournemouth Corporation 159 - Leyland Titan PD3 Bristol Omnibus L8089 - Bristol KSW6B

City of Exeter 74 - Guy Arab IV

Dorset County Council Education Committee - Bedford MLC

Hawkeys Tours - AEC Reliance Western National 420 - Bristol SUL4A

Photographs taken by Ben Beaver



No Reg No Make Original Owner/Operator Entered by
A1 8159EL Leyland Titan PD3/1 Bournemouth 159. Jonathan Hawkins
A2 925MSJ Leyland Atlantean PDR1/1 Devon General 925GTA Jonathan Hawkins
A3 H262MFX Dennis Dominator Bournemouth 262. Jonathan Hawkins
A4 86GFJ Leyland Titan PD2A/30 Exeter City 86. WHOTT
A5 VDV137S Bristol VRT/SL3/6LXB Devon General 937 WHOTT
A6 974AFJ Guy Arab IV Exeter City 74 Steve & Chris Blood
A7 VDV121S Bristol VRT/SL3/6LXB Western National 1121 John Barley
A8 OHY938 Bristol KSW6B Bath Tramways L8089 Peter Davey
A9 LYF104 Leyland Titan 7RT London Transport RTL1163 Peter Cousens
A10 E2RCL Leyland Olympian ONCL10/2RZ Lothian Transport 306(E306MSG) Jonathan Ede(Roselyn Coaches)


No Reg No Make Original Owner/Operator Entered by
B1 RRU903 Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/1 Bournemouth 266 Jonathan Hawkins
B2 TDV217J Leyland Panther PSUR1B/1R Devon General 217. WHOTT
B3 A927MDV Ford Transit 190D Devon General 7. WHOTT
B4 HFG923V Leyland National 2 Southdown 123 D.C.G. Vine
B5 P701BTA Volvo B6LE Bayline 701 James Pratt
B6 ARN811C Leyland Leopard PSU3/3R Ribble 811 Gerard Butler (RVPT)
B7 9RDV AEC Reliance 590 Devon General 9 Phil Platt


No Reg No Make Original Owner/Operator Entered by
C1 AFJ727T Bristol LH6L Western National 3307 WHOTT 
C2 FFX458 Bedford MLC Dorset County Council Norman Aish
C3 PRW137M Leyland Leopard Red House Motor Services of Coventry Trevor Cockram
C4 UUF329J Leyland Leopard PSU3B/4R Southdown 1829 Russell Smith
C5 UTF732M Leyland Leopard PSU3B/4R Ribble 1052 Gerard Butler (RVPT)
C6 PNM682W Bedford YMQ Ashridge Management College Nigel Dennis
C7 100VRL AEC Reliance Hawkey's Tours,Newquay Roger Thomas
C8 OTT98 Bristol LS6G Southern National (Royal Blue) 1299 John Grigg(WHOTT).


No Reg No Make Original Owner/Operator Entered by
D1 EOD700Y Bedford HA van Isca-Bags Ltd  P.W.Letten
D2 RTT389 Albion Chieftain Cudlipp Brothers Jim Cudlipp
D3 NYO988Y Bedford HA Viva van British Telecom Paul Neighbour
D4 384XUU Morris J type van Maypole Dairies Simon Gravett
D5 K906VDV Ford Transit 190D Stagecaoch Devon WHOTT


No Reg No Make Original Owner/Operator Entered by
E1 388XUJ Commer Q4 Auxiliary Fire Service Peter Thomas
E2 832EPC Morris C8  Ministry of War(Army) Sue & Andy Virgin


S1 WHOTT sales stand
S2 Die-Cast Models of Bath
S3 Devon General Society.
S4 Graham Lunn.
S5 The Bristol Interest Circle
S6 S.E.C
S7 Arlington Collectables
S8 Barry Field
S9 UK Transport
S10 Peter Cousens
S11 Rex Rowe

Photographs of previous rallies


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