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.......preserving our commercial road transport history for the education and enjoyment of present and future generations..........
  WHOTT RALLY 2014  
  The following vehicles attended the 2014 rally at Westpoint.  

WHOTT held its 12th rally at the Devon County showground, Westpoint, near Exeter on Sunday 21st September 2014.

The Trustees are extremely grateful for the time and effort freely given by volunteers to make the rally a success.  Many thanks to everyone who made the day run smoothly and we hope that you will be able to support us again in 2015.

The following vehicles attended the 2014 rally.



No Reg No Make Original Owner/Operator Entered by
A1 FJ 6154 Maudslay ML3 Exeter Corporation 5 WHOTT
A2 TDV 217J Leyland Panther PSUR1B/1R Exeter City Transport 217 WHOTT
A3 VDV 137S Bristol VRT/SL3/6LXB Devon General 937 WHOTT
A5 L929 CTT Iveco F59-12 Devon General 1000 WHOTT
A6 MSJ 499  Leyland Atlantean Devon General 925  Jonathan Hawkins, Kingswear
A8 8159 EL Leyland Titan PD3 Bournemouth 159 Jonathan Hawkins, Kingswear
A13 WCG 104 Leyland Tiger Cub King Alfred K Andrews (for Friends of King Alfred Buses)
A14 ROD 765 AEC Regent V Devon General 765 Malcolm Wright, Dawlish Warren
A15 KRU 224F Bristol FLF6B Hants & Dorset 1557 Norman Aish/Tim Cook, Pool
A16 LYF 104 Leyland 7RT London Transport RTL1163 Peter Cousens, Abbotskerswell
A17 P419 CVO Volvo Olympian Nottingham 491 Alan Tebbit for Wheal Briton Coaches, Blackwater
A18 TDL 563K Bristol RELL6G Southern Vectis 863 Sally & Don McCririck
A19 H178 GTT Volvo Citybus B10M-50 Plymouth City Bus 178 Plymouth City Bus Preservation Group
A22 VDV 121S Bristol VRT/SL3/6LXB Western National 1121 John Barley, Brighton
A23 OHY 938 Bristol KSW6B Bristol Omnibus L8089 Peter Davey, Bristol
 - 675 COD Bristol SUS4A Western National 603 Colin Billington
 - AFJ 764T Bristol VRT Western National 1157 Colin Billington (for WHOTT)
 - DOD 518 Bristol L5G Western National 333 333 Bus Group, Cheltenham
 - KUO 972 Bristol K6B Western National 959 David Hoare
 - HF 9216 Leyland TD7c Wallasey Corporation 76 David Hoare


No Reg No Make Original Owner/Operator Entered by
B1 OTT 98 Bristol LS6G Royal Blue 1299 John Grigg (for WHOTT)
B2 AFJ 727T Bristol LH6L Western National 3307 WHOTT
B3 270 KTA Bristol SUL4A Western National 420  David Sheppard
B4 100 VRL AEC Reliance Hawkeys Tours, Newquay Roger Thomas
B5 PNM 682W Bedford YMQ Non PSV Ashridge Management Nigel Dennis, Okehampton
B6 KYA 284Y Leyland Tiger Wakes Steve Lester, Shepton Mallet
 - PWS 482S (OWS 178R) Leyland Leopard PSU3E Bristol Omnibus 2098  
 - OTA 632G Bristol RELL6G Southern National 1460 Mel Williams (for WHOTT)
 - FN52 HRO Volvo B7R Atkinson Coaches, Northallerton Tony Hazel for Camel Coaches, Northlew


No Reg No Make Original Owner/Operator Entered by
C1 832 EPC Morris C8 British Army Sue & Andy Virgin, Cullompton
C2 BUO 969B Land Rover Series 2A   Steve & Christ Blood, North Tawton


No Reg No Make Original Owner/Operator Entered by
D1 K906 VDV Ford Transit 190D dropside pickup Stagecoach Devon 9929 WHOTT
D2 M52 HOD Volvo B6-50 Plymouth Citybus Plymouth City Transport Preservation Group


No Reg No Make Original Owner/Operator Entered by
H1 No Reg 1860 Horse Tram converted to bus in 1886 Southampton Corporation The Lizard Stallions


No Reg No Make Original Owner/Operator Entered by
- 655 LPH Wolseley 15/60  -  


S1 WHOTT sales stand
S2 Devon General Society
S4 Arlington Collectables
S5 Alan Russell
S6 UK Transport (Bob Eade)
S7 Plymouth City Transport Group
 - Phoenix Trim
Photos courtesy of Richard Creasy, Horse Bus - Thu Roberts

Photographs of previous rallies


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