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.......preserving our commercial road transport history for the education and enjoyment of present and future generations..........
  WHOTT - Archive Print Service - List 21  
  64 views taken between 1961 and 1970 by Reg Skinner and now held in the WHOTT Archive  
  6"x4" black & white prints cost 60p each. Please return list with remittance to Stuart Andrews, WHOTT, 12 Delius Crescent, Exeter EX2 5QZ  
  Closing Date for orders from this list is August 31st 2017  
  Photograph details can be found on the Order Form  
  NOTE: Orders for publications from our Crediton address should be made using the separate form, and by separate cheque, also payable to WHOTT  
656A83 656A90 656A95 656A100 656A103
656A104 656A105 656A107 616A109 656A114
656A115 656A122 656A123 656A129 656A131
656A133 656A150 656A155 656A156 656A167
656A170 656A172 656A173 656A177 656A178
656A179 656A180 656B1 656B2 656B4
656B6 656B7 656B47 656B48 656B52
656B60 656B63 656B64 656B66 656B67
656B68 656B69 656B71 656B73 656B79
656B80 656B81 656B87 656B89 656B91
656B92 656B93 656B94 656B95 656B96
656B97 656B98 656B100 656B112 656B164
656B231 656B232 656B233 656B234  

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