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  WHOTT - Archive Print Service - List 22  
  62 views Exeter Corporation vehicles taken between 1954 and 1971. These views are taken from Robert F. Mack negatives  now held in the WHOTT Archive. This list complements views from the same source included on List 7 in May 2013.  
  References ending with an 'a' denotes a close-up scan of an original distant view. 6"x4" black & white prints cost 60p each. Please return list with remittance to Mrs Stephanie Prieur, WHOTT, c/o Kalmia, Colaton Raleigh, Devon EX10 0LW  
  Closing Date for orders from this list is November 30th 2017  
  Photograph details can be found on the Order Form  
  NOTE: Orders for publications from our Crediton address should be made using the separate form, and by separate cheque, also payable to WHOTT  
460A3 460A10 460A13 460A14a 460A15
460A18a 460A22a 460A28 460A29 460A31
460A32 460A33 460A35a 460A36 460A37a
460A39 460A41a 460A42 460A45a 460A46
460A48 460A54 460A55 460A60 460A61
460A63 460A64 460A66a 460A67a 460A68a
460A73 460A76a 460A78 460A79 460A80
460A81a 460A82 460A83a 460A84 460A86
460A88 A46095 460A100a 460A103 460A107
460A111a 460A115 460A117a 460A121 460A125a
460A129 460A133a 460136 460A139a 460A143
460A146a 460A147a 460A149 460A153a 460A157
460A168 460A169      

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