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  LTA 772 - Bristol LWL5G - Ex Southern National 1613  

Accession 567 21/06/07

1951 Bristol LWL5G with ECW B39R body.

Originally 1613 was a Western National vehicle being transferred to SN in 1960 and allocated to Weymouth depot. No 1613 was sold directly into preservation in 1968 to the Dorset Transport Circle. In 1981 1613 was put on long term loan to the Science Museum at Wroughton and ran on open days until 1985 when it was put into deep store. A change of policy in 2007 resulted in DTC being asked to remove 1613 and the decision was made to donate this fine vehicle to WHOTT. On inspection it was found that 1613 had suffered body damage through too close an encounter with the wing of a Trident airliner and serious frost damage to radiator and engine. This has now been repaired and 1613 returned to the road just in time for the Weymouth rally in June 2007, to be reunited with 1299 there for the first time since 1981. Sponsored by Members of WHOTT.

  © Nick Craig  

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