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  OTT 98 - Bristol LS6G - Ex Royal Blue (Southern National) 1299  

Accession 508 18/01/06

1953 Bristol LS6G with ECW C39F coachwork.

New in 1953 to the Southern National Royal Blue fleet, this is an example of the later body style with flat full width windscreens and a wider passenger door. Originally with 41 seats, 1299 had an interior renovation and was reseated at ECW (rebuild R795) in October 1961. The body retains the traditional roof mounted luggage rack and 1299 is currently restored to original livery with blue roof. After withdrawal in 1969, 1299 worked for two North London independents before being purchased for preservation by the Dorset Transport Circle in December 1972. After 33 years the DTC generously donated 1299 to WHOTT together with sufficient funds completely to overhaul the engine. This work was completed in time for its first outing on the WHOTT Royal Blue Run from Cheltenham to Weymouth in June 2007. Sponsored by Member of WHOTT.

  © Ken Jones  
  Restoration of Southern National 1299  


The pictures on this page illustrate the thorough overhaul which has been carried out on 1299’s engine which turned out to be ‘tired’ in almost every respect.  As can be seen, the engine is back in place and was MOT’d so it could return to Weymouth (via the Royal Blue Run from Cheltenham) for the rally on 17 June 07.

  Graham Green next to the partially rebuilt engine with refurbished blocks in place.

A view through the engine hatches with a big hole awaiting the rebuilt engine. 

  The other side of the engine shows the crank shaft held in place with the main bearings before insertion of pistons, conrods and big end bearings.
The built-up engine from the front with sump to the right.  
The engine from above with bell housing to the right awaiting installation of the gearbox.   The engine in place looking down from the front.

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