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Running Day

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.......preserving our commercial road transport history for the education and enjoyment of present and future generations..........
LFJ 873W at Lands End (first service of the day) Bristol VR at Penzance Bus Station
AFJ 749T and VDV121S at Penzance VDV 141S on the Road Run in Market Jew Street
AFJ 764T on the Road Run in Market Jew Street LFJ 873W followed by LFJ 847W on Wharf Road returning from the Road Run
Western Greyhound's JMV 255W followed by DSU 107 on Wharf Road LFJ 862W returning from the Run Run
LFJ 873W on Service 2 to Penzance The final VR service (23:57) awaiting departure from Helston
Helston. The locals waiting for the last bus and then three turn up ! Bristol VRs arriving back at Penzance from the final service in year of manufacture order !


West Country Bristol VRs - A Pictorial Tribute - published by WHOTT in 2006 to coincide with the First Devon & Cornwall final VR running day.  Fully glossy publication, A5 format, 52 pages including 99 colour pictures.

To purchase this booklet visit WHOTT Sales

  Awaiting return to the depot from Penzance Bus Station for the final time !

First Devon & Cornwall Vehicles

VDV 141S Feb 78 First Devon & Cornwall 38641 ex Devon General 941
AFJ 749T Jun 79 First Devon & Cornwall 38749 ex Western National 1147
LFJ 873W Apr 81 First Devon & Cornwall 38873 ex Western National 1226
Other Operators
DSU 107 (CJH 119V) May 80 Western Greyhound 107 ex Alder Valley 979
JMV 259W Feb 81 Western Greyhound 259 ex Southdown 259
Preserved Vehicles
OTA 290G May 69 Western National 1056  
VDV 137S Nov 77 Devon General 937  
AFJ 706T Dec 78 Western National 1141  
AFJ 760T Sep 79 Western National 1153  
AFJ 764T Nov 79 Western National 1157  
LFJ 847W Oct 80 Western National 1203  
LFJ 862W Jan 81 Devon General 1215  



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