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  WEB NEWS 23  

In this issue of WHOTT Web News we take a brief look at Roselyn Coaches and punch tickets.

  CORNWALL LOVES TO TRAVEL WITH ROSELYN - The roots of Roselyn Coaches can be traced back to 1919 and a Sam Doney who set up business using a Napier with a demountable body and christened ‘Cheerio’.  Like so many at that time, after the First World War, establishing a business using a secondhand vehicle which often came from the Armed Services and using it either as a lorry or charabanc was seen as a means of becoming employed.  Sam later sold the business to one George Puckey and it was in 1947 that Leslie Ede acquired the trading name plus two coaches and two limousines.  The following three years saw expansion with the purchase of two Bedford OB’s (JCV645 and KAF992) with unusual Strachan coachwork (with canvas sunshine roof!) plus a Tilling Stevens fitted with Meadows engine and Dutfield coachwork.  In 1953, Leslie’s son Brian joined the business on his return from national service and subsequently took over running the business to enable his father to run a restaurant at Polperro and later retire.  A Duple bodied Commer TS3 was purchased, amongst others, and apparently returned a creditable 15-17 mpg.  
Specially posed for photographs on the occasion of a Farewell to the Regents Tour are these Park Royal bodied examples which originated with either the Atomic Energy Authority or East Kent Road Car Company. Successors to the Regent Vs were these Roe bodied Daimler Fleetlines purchased from Derby Transport. In overall advertising livery are a Bristol VR / ECW purchased from the Atomic Energy Authority and a Leyland Atlantean / East Lancs from Plymouth Citybus.

In 1966, the company’s first double decker arrived in the form of an ex Devon General AEC Regent Mark III (PDV727) with Weymann Orion highbridge bodywork complete with platform doors.  It gave eight years excellent service on school contracts which could take it as far as Camborne College daily and was highly regarded by the family and staff.  In the years to come, more school contracts requiring double deckers were won and thus an interesting array of such vehicles have been operated over the years.  Firstly came four ex Maidstone & District Leyland Titan PD2s with Weymann Orion bodywork but after only two years these were ousted by AEC Regent Vs with Park Royal bodywork which also originated in that fleet.  These were later joined by purchases from both Hawkey of Newquay and Stoneman of Nanpean of AEC Bridgemasters with forward entrance Park Royal bodywork, both originated with City of Oxford Motor Services.  Also originating in that fleet was a lowbridge AEC Regent V with Weymann Orion bodywork which retained the nickname ‘Lively Lady’ bestowed on it by its previous Warwickshire based operator!

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  JUST THE TICKET - 9 - Once again punch tickets from the National Omnibus & Transport Company Limited (NOTC) are featured. All three are printed by Williamson and date from the nineteen twenties. The official wording is identical on all three and the typeface also appears to be the same. In each case they are for stages 1-20 in the same order and have no inward or outward boxes or other markings. All are singles.  



All three have different colours and an apt description of these is difficult because of age, variations in the different print runs etc. YP 3078 is light cream and carries an advertisement from Yeovil on the reverse so it was probably issued in that area which subsequently became Southern National territory. PC 4099 is light brown and has an advertisement for Read's Apex self-raising flour and it is not known to the writer whether this was a local or more widespread brand. Turning to the face of this ticket it will be noticed that the word Fare has been omitted at the top and that the 5d is in smaller type than on the other two. Ticket A 1506 has a mauvish blue colour and appears to be unused. The S overprint is in red but its meaning is unknown but probably signifies Single or Scholar. The advertisement is from Sherborne which once again suggests the same area of issue as YP 3078

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Leyland PD1A 2929 (JUO 956) heads around Drake's Circus at the start of its turn on the 93.

Dart 42455 (R445 CCV) snapped on the 93 near Kingsbridge. Western National route 93 leaflet from May 1991.  

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